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--- Уроки английского языка ---

Содержание выпуска:

1. Для продолжающих

2. Для начинающих

3. Английские пословицы

4.Обучающие программы

1. Для продолжающих

Тема: Предлоги (продолжение)
under — под, у, по, в, при, в (эпоху), во время, согласно, за, меньше, ниже, моложе

7)Если что-либо происходит согласно (under) закону, соглашению или системе, это значит, что это происходит потому, что этого требуют закон, соглашение или система.
В адъюнкте: Under existing legislation, the planning authority has a lot of power... Very few people have to my knowledge been released under this law... Marshall was obliged to observe that under the Constitition no crime had been committed.
После существительного: No beneficiary under a will may receive a single penny until then. ... its obligations under the Atlantic Treaty.
8)Если что-либо происходит при (under) определённом человеке или правительстве, это значит, что это происходит, когда они находятся у власти.
В адъюнкте: The banquet was an institution which flourished greatly under Queen Elizabeth.
9)Если вы работаете у (under) кого-либо, это значит, что он является вашим наставником или начальником.
В адъюнкте: The explorer Pinzon had served under Columbus... He showed himself naive for anyone who had worked under Harold Macmillan... His father had been a captain under Morris Eller.
10)Если вы делаете что-либо под (under) определённым именем, это значит, что вы используете это имя вместо вашего настоящего имени.
В адъюнкте: He made an arrangement to write for the Evening Post under a pseudonym... He was travelling under an assumed name.
11)Предлог under употребляется для того, чтобы указать, в какой части списка, книги или системы что-либо классифицировано.
В адъюнкте или после глагола 'be' быть: The library actually classified these books under Light Romance... This information is sorted and filed under different headings... Under Liszt she found two biographical volumes.
12)Если кто-либо или что-либо до (under) определённого возраста или размера, это значит, что они не достигают этого возраста или размера.
После глагола 'be' быть: Less than ten per cent of members are under forty.
После существительного: Whooping cough can be a serious disease, especially in a baby under 2. ... promising delivery within 24 hours for parcels under 25 kg.
Также используется как наречие: Treatment will be free for everyone aged 17 and under.

Задание.1: Составьте семь словосочетаний с предлогом under.

Задание.2. Переведите тексты.

1.786. Cynewulf of Wessex killed by Cyneheard
Beorhtric succeeds to Wessex

The next morning the rest of the king's men, who had not accompanied him to Merton, including his ealdorman Osric and his thegn Wigfrith, rode thither and discovered that the Atheling held the fort and had barred the doors against them. The Atheling offered them money and land on their own terms, if they would accept him as king, and pointed out that kinsmen of theirs (the king's men) were with him (the Atheling). The king's men replied that no kinsman was dearer to them than their lord, and they would never follow his slayer. And then the king's men told their kinsmen within that they might leave unharmed. But the kinsmen who were with the Atheling said that the same offer had been made to the men who had been with the king, and that they would not accept the bargain, any more than the men who had been slain with the king had. Then there was fighting at the gates until the king's men broke in, and killed the Atheling and all who were with him, save one, who was Ealdorman Osric's godson, and saved by Osric, though he was often wounded.

In a positive sense Jackson profoundly affected the development of the U.S. presidency. He concentrated power in that office through wide use of the veto and through his insistence that the chief executive alone represented the will of the whole nation. Committing presidential power to the protection of the people against the threat of constantly expanding governmental authority and corrupt private interests was a traditional Jeffersonian principle. In carrying it out, Jackson took what was for his period an advanced position on civil equality and thus eventually came to be regarded as an equal to JEFFERSON as a founder of the Democratic party ideology.

The miserable Hatter dropped his teacup and bread-and-butter,
and went down on one knee. `I'm a poor man, your Majesty,' he

`You're a very poor speaker,' said the King.

Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately
suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that is rather a
hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done. They had
a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings:
into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat
upon it.)

`I'm glad I've seen that done,' thought Alice. `I've so often
read in the newspapers, at the end of trials, "There was some
attempts at applause, which was immediately suppressed by the
officers of the court," and I never understood what it meant
till now.'

`If that's all you know about it, you may stand down,'
continued the King.
4)The Monarchy Today; How the Monarchy works
Monarchy is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom.

Even when she is away from London, in residence at Balmoral or Sandringham, she receives official papers nearly every day of every year and remains fully briefed on matters affecting her realms.
In front of the camera or away from it, The Queen's duties go on, and no two days in her life are ever the same.

5) «RIDING THE BULLET» Stephen King
I stood there, leaning down with my hands planted just above my knees, not aware of how fast my heart had been beating until it started to slow down. A nasty little coincidence, that was all, and was it any wonder that I'd misread what was beneath the name and dates? Even without being tired and under stress, I might have read it wrong--moonlight was a notorious misleader. Case closed.
Except I knew what I'd read: Fun Is Fun and Done Is Done.


folding - paper money. i.e. "Have you got any folding on you ?".
footie - Abbreviated form for football.
for crying out loud ! - a expression of frustration or anger. "For crying out loud can you hurry up !".
for fuck sake ! - a common expression of annoyance or frustration (and what Robbie Williams says at the end of the 'Millennium' video).

часть 2. Для начинающих
Правильные ответы прислали: "Татьяна, Константин", Ekaterina Simakhina, Voronina Elena.

Варианты правильных ответов:

anti-abortion campaign
anti-discrimination measures
anti -government speach
anti-nuclear programm
anti-fascist movement

1) anti-Izrael coalitian
2) anti-religious demonstration
3) anti-abortian activity
4) anti-vandal lift
5) anti-woman club

Тема: Словообразование
2.Предохранение, защита или уничтожение
ПРОДУКТИВНЫЙ ЭЛЕМЕНТ:anti- употребляется для образования новых слов от существительных и прилагательных, придавая им значение предохранения, защиты от чего-либо или уничтожения чего-либо. Например, anti-depressant означает средство от депрессии, а anti-tank weapon «противотанковое орудие» означает средство борьбы с танками противника.

He no longer takes anti-depressants or tranquillizers.
Mike's brother, an inventor, was in trouble with the police because his anti-car-thief device was dangerous.
... an anti-cholesterol drug.
... anti-submarine torpedos.
The anti-fraud unit had now been set up.

Примеры слов с данным значением:
anti-aircraft — противовоздушный, зенитный
anti-bacterial - антибактериальный
anti-burglar — защита от взлома
anti-cancer — средство против рака
anti-car-thief — защита от угона автомобиля
anti-cholesterol — средство для снижения уровня холестерина
anti-coagulant — вещество, задерживающее свёртывание крови
anti-depressant — антидепрессант, средство для снятия депрессивного состояния
anti-fraud — борьба с мошенничеством
anti-freeze — антифриз, незамерзающая жидкость
anti-fungal — противогрибковое средство
anti-infection — средство против инфекции
anti-inflation — борьба с инфляцией
anti-invasion — борьба с агрессией
anti-missile - противоракетный
anti-pollution — средство для борьбы с загрязнением
anti-rust — антикоррозийное средство
anti-seasickness — средство от морской болезни
anti-submarine - противолодочный
anti-tank - противотанковый

Слова, имеющие иное значение
antibody - антитело
Antichrist - Антихрист
anti-climax — антиклимакс, спад
anti-clockwise — против часовой стрелки
anti-cyclone - антициклон
antihero - антигерой
antimatter - антивещество
antiseptic — антисептическое средство
antithesis - антитезис, полная противоположность

Задание: Придумайте три предложения со словами данными в этом уроке.

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