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--- Уроки английского языка ---

Содержание выпуска:

1. Для продолжающих

2. Часть 2

3. Английские пословицы

4.Обучающие программы

1. Для продолжающих

    1. Партнер. Джон Гришам.

— Спасибо за то, что приехал, — сказал Патрик. Слова прозвучали с натугой, словно стоили ему значительных усилий.

— Оставь. А потом, особого выбора у меня не было. Аргументы твоей приятельницы оказались чертовски убедительными.

Патрик закрыл глаза и прикусил кончик языка, мысленно произнеся короткую молитву. Евы здесь не было, и она находилась в безопасности.

— Сколько она тебе заплатила? — спросил он.

— Сто тысяч.

— Хорошо.

Последовала долгая пауза. Сэнди понял, что в их разговоре она далеко не последняя.

— С ней все в порядке, — сказал он. — Замечательная женщина. Умна, как дьявол, и полностью держит ситуацию в руках. Если это тебя интересует.

— Тем лучше.

— Когда ты видел ее в последний раз?

— Пару недель назад. Я потерял представление о времени.

— Кто она — жена, подружка, продажная женщина?..

— Юрист.

— Юрист?

— Да.

«Девочка, которая любила Тома Гордона», Стивен Кинг

До дна ущелья двадцать футов. И не отвесной стены, а крутого, но все-таки склона, на котором росли кособокие деревья, островки черники, кусты ежевики. И груды мелкого камня между ними. Ливень прекратился, гром гремел далеко-далеко, по дождик продолжал моросить, так что груды мокрого камня напоминали выброшенную из шахты пустую породу.

Тема: Прямая и косвенная речь (продолжение)



10On one railway line into London – the driver-only Chiltern Turbo, which continued to operate from Marylebone to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire and to Banbury in Oxfordshire – it didn’t even bring down the signals.

11Elsewhere, main line stations were deserted, but (g) the threatened chaos never materialized. At Birmingham New Street, 600 trains a day normally ferry 70,000 passengers in and out of the city. Yesterday, there was not a commuter in sight.

12In Scotland, (h) a railway spokesman said people had taken the stoppage in their stride. (j) ‘People have been taking alternative transport and getting to where they have to. We haven’t had any (k) complaints from the general public.’

13Indeed, (l) the biggest question the strike action posed was this: where do hundreds of thousands of commuters go when they don’t go to work?

14(m)The answer was found in pubs, shopping centres and golf courses around the country. With many schools breaking up for a two-week Easter holiday, starting it a day early was an opportunity too good to miss.

15(n)The stayaway day was urged by Ministers seeking to minimize the impact of the union action and by employer’s groups anxious to limit discruption to business and industry.

16(p)The Institute of Management advised firms to give staff the day off or let them work from home, and many appeared to have got (q) the message.

17(r)The Association of London Authorities said that up to 400,000 people (s) were thought to have stayed away from the capital. But (t) its estimate that the strike would cost $ 70 million in lost trade (u) was challenged by business organizations which believed that many would be keeping their companies ticking over by working from home.

Задание.1. Переведите тексты.

  1. «The Partner» John Grisham

Yes, lawyer.” Sandy was amused by this. Patrick shut down again, no words, no movement anywhere under the sheet. Minutes passed. Sandy took a seat in the only chair, content to wait for his friend. Patrick was reentering an ugly world where the wolves were waiting, and if he wanted to lie there and stare at the ceiling then that was fine with Sandy. They would have lots of time to talk. And no shortage of topics.

2)Chronology of Personal Computers


  • Apple Computer ships Apple LOGO, supplied by Logo Computer Systems of Canada. [615.120]

  • Microsoft releases FORTRAN for MS-DOS. [346.262]

  • Coprocessors Inc. introduces the 88-Card, a plug-in card for the Apple II, with 64 kB RAM and an Intel 8088 microprocessor. [396.14]

  • Japanese PC market share based on production over the past 12 months: NEC 45%, Sharp 17%, Fujitsu 12%. [885.256]

  • At Microsoft, Tim Paterson completes work on DOS 1.1. [1149.215]

  • Non-Linear Systems introduces the Kaypro II for US$1795. It features 193 kB dual 5.25-inch floppy drives, 2.5 MHz Z80 processor, 64 kB RAM, CP/M 2.2, Perfect Software family, and a 9-inch 80-column green monochrome screen. It measures 18 x 18 x 15 1/2 inches, and weighs 26 pounds. [396.16] [885.212]

  • Xebec introduces a 5 MB hard disk and controller kit for Apple or CP/M computers, for US$1300. [396.16]

  • To date, 98 companies have been licensed to build Ethernet products. Only 18 have announced products. [1063.21]

  • Xedex introduces the Baby Blue card (a Z80B processor on a plug-in card), allowing the IBM PC to run standard CP/M programs. Price: US$600. [346.92] [396.10] (April [9]) (Vendex company[346.93])

  • Tim Paterson quits Microsoft, returning to Seattle Computer Products. [1149.215]

(month unknown)
  • Microsoft files a lawsuit against Advanced Logic Systems claiming copyright infringement of the Z-Card on the BIOS and boot code software of the SoftCard. (The suit is later settled out of court.) [1299.201]

  • At the West Coast Computer Faire, Davong Systems introduces its 5 MB Winchester Disk Drive for the IBM PC, for US$2000. [287.11]

  • Six months after the introduction of the IBM PC, 50,000 units have been sold. [1112.136] (after eight months [218])

3)«The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon» Stephen King

Trisha backed up and got to her feet, then continued to make her way through the bushes toward the sound of run-ning water. She was starting to feel tired now, her legs aching, but she thought she was basically okay. Afraid, of course, but not so badly as before. They would find her.

When people got lost in the woods they always found them.

They sent out planes and helicopters and guys with blood-hounds and they hunted until the lost person was found.



часть 2.

Тема: Словообразование

2. Описание способностей и навыков

-ship употребляется для образования новых существительных от существительных, обозначающих людей, занимающихся определённого рода деятельностью, выполняющих конкретную работу. Существительные, образованные таким способом, указывают на навыки, используемые данными людьми для выполнения соответствующей работы. Например, marksmanship «меткость» - это способность хорошо стрелять, искусство стрельбы, а statesmanship «искусство управлять государством» - это качество, которое необходимо государственным деятелям для успешного выполнения своих функций. His room bore plentiful evidence of his marksmanship in the form of stuffed animals.

England set a high standard of sportsmanship.

The workmanship of the dresses was unmistakably French.

It was a marvelous example of oarsmanship.

Список слов с данным значением:

craftsmanship – мастерство; тонкая, искусная работа

draftsmanship – искусство черчения

horsemanship – искусство верховой езды

marksmanship – меткость

musicianship – музыкальность; тонкое понимание музыки

oarsmanship – умение грести; искусство гребли

salesmanship – умение продавать, торговать

seamanship – искусство судовождения

showmanship – искусство организации публичных развлечений, зрелищ

sportsmanship – спортивное мастерство

statesmanship – искусство управлять государством

workmanship – искусство, мастерство; квалификация

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