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1066: Battle of Hastings (end of the line for the Anglo-Saxons)
[19-07-2009]  January 5, 1066. King Edward the Confessor dies
January 6, 1066. Harold Godwinesson succeeds

1066. Harold goes out with a naval force against William

This event is mentioned only in Anglo-Saxon Chronicle E.

April 24, 1066. Comet


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978-1016: King Жthelred the Unready (now the only English king; defeated by
March 18, 978. Edward the Martyr killed

There has been some confusion on the dates of Edward's murder and Athelred's consecration, but it seems likeliest that Edward died in 978 and Athelred was consecrated in 979; see Keynes, p.233 n.7. One version of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle adds the details that the killing took place at Corfe in the evening of 18 March, and that Edward was buried at Wareham without royal honours. In the following year Ealdorman Alfhere (of Mercia) fetched the king's body from Wareham and bore it with great honour to Shaftesbury.

The nearly-contemporary Life of St Oswald adds the details that the murder was committed by some zealous thegns of Athelred, who surrounded and killed Edward when he had come to visit his half-brother Athelred and Alfthryth (see EHD 236, pp.914-5). The Life calls Edward a martyr of God, and adds that he was taken to the house of an unimportant person and left there under a mean covering, until a year later Alfhere came and found the body uncorrupted and buried it honorably.


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937: Battle of Brunanburh
937. Battle of Brunanburh

The battle of Brunanburh is commemorated in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle by an Old English poem. From that poem we learn that ?thelstan and his brother Edmund won a victory at Brunanburh (unidentified), against Constantine of Scotland and Olaf, that they slew five young kings and seven of

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871-899: King Alfred the Great (only English king left after the Viking attacks)
871. "Great Heathen Army" invades Wessex
Battles of Reading, Ashdown, Basing, Meretun

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle describes this invasion in much more detail than the attacks on Mercia or Northumbria, which shows quite clearly its origins as a West Saxon document. The army came first to Reading, and three days later two Danish earls rode farther inland, where they were met by Ealdorman ?thelwulf at Englefield, and one of the Danes was killed. Four days after that King ?thelred and Alfred led a great army to Reading and there was a pitched battle with great slaughter in which Ealdorman ?thelwulf was killed, and the Vikings were victorious.

Four days after that, Athelred and Alfred had rallied their troops and fought against the Vikings at Ashdown: this fight continued until nightfall and this time the English put the Vikings to flight. The chronicler adds that the Vikings forces were in two halves: King Athelred faced the one led by the heathen kings, Bagsecg and Halfdan, and Bagsecg was slain, and Alfred faced the one led by the earls, several of whom (Sidroc the Old, Sidroc

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757-796: King Offa of Mercia (overlord of most of the southern English kingdoms)
757. Sigeberht of Wessex deposed by Cynewulf and the counsellors of the West Saxons
Cynewulf succeeds to Wessex

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle relates how Cynewulf and the counsellors of the West Saxons deprived Sigeberht of the kingdom because of his unjust acts, all except for Hampshire. Sigeberht remained in Hampshire until he killed Cumbra, the ealdorman who had been most loyal to him, and then Cynewulf drove Sigeberht into the Weald, where he was slain by a swineherd. Cynewulf then ruled for 29 years, until he was himself slain by Sigeberht's brother Cyneheard (see entry under 786).

The Chronicle adds that Cynewulf often fought great battles against the Britons. This keeps up the tradition of his predecessor Cuthred (in 743 and 753), though Cynewulf's battles against the Britons are not individually recorded.

Cynewulf's relations with the Mercians are more difficult to follow. In the first couple of years of his reign, Cynewulf

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597-627: Conversion to Christianity (from Augustine in Kent to the sparrow in No
597. Roman missionaries, led by Augustine, arrive in Kent
597?601. Athelberht of Kent converted to Christianity

The legendary beginning of the Roman mission to England is described in chapter nine of the Life of Gregory the Great (written at Whitby probably 704?714) and in Bede (HE, ii.1). Gregory, before he became Pope, was at the slave market in Rome and discovered some Northumbrians. He asked about their background and made three bilingual puns to show that they were ripe for conversion. (His comment that the Angles were like angels is well-known; the other two are that the kingdom's name Deira showed that they should be saved "from

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450-550: Legendary foundation of the English kingdoms (Hengest, Cerdic, and othe
c.450. Traditional date for the arrival of the Anglo-Saxons to Britain

This date, and the whole idea of a sudden onslaught of "Anglo-Saxons" on post-Roman Britain in the mid-5th century, is a vast oversimplification. Saxon pirates may have been raiding the shores of Britain already by 365; in 367 there was a Roman military officer in charge of a series of fortresses along the south-eastern coast, and by the end of the century the coast itself was called the Saxon Shore. There may also have been Saxons among the defenders of late 4th-century Britain: the German names of two of the Roman commanders (Fullofaudes and Fraomar) make it clear that members of some Germanic tribes were on the Romano-British side.


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Англо-саксонская хроника. Часть2:
[19-07-2009]  Англо-саксонская хроника. Часть2:
перевод Ольги Шпаченко, Крятовой Юлии, Ольги Кирой, Юлии Малиенко, Николая Семенова, Твориловой Виктории, "cram nata", Friend , Наташи (Zelenii), Terentiev Vladislav, Мойченковой Оли, Марины, Marina Leshchinskaya, Юлии, Князевой Елены, Храмушкиной Ольги, lio lio, Саши И, Татьяны Быковой, Венеры Сабировой, Надежды Помазовой, Terentiev Vladislav, Ирины Бойковой, Сергея Блохина,Ольги Шпаченко, Сергей «fellow-fighter»)

24 февраля 616 года. Ательберт Кентский умирает
Эадбальд получает трон Кента и возвращает

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Англо-саксонская хроника. Часть1
[19-07-2009]  Англо-саксонская хроника. Часть1:
Англосаксы(перевод Антоновой Светланы, Buena_chicka, Ольги Марышевой, Ирины Томми,Ольги Кирой, Сауловой Ирины, Попова Павла, Канивец Светланы)

В Темные века, 5-6 вв., общины Британии населяли местности с плохо обозначенными границами. Такие общины были организованы и подчинялись вождю или королю. После окончательного ухода римских легионов из провинции Британия около 408 г. н.э. должны были сами охранять свой порядок и бороться с захватчиками и мигрирующими воинствующими племенами, такими, как
пикты, заселяющие земли

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